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I watched David Starkey on TW with some degree of agreement since he sets out just how bad the situation really is and did not pull his punches when commentators and politicians alike stick their heads in the ground. However right at the end of his piece he made a statement that government revenue under Gordon Brown was 25% attributable to the City. Nobody including the usually resourceful and excellent Andrew Neill looked in the slightest bit phased by this statement and yet Starkey’s next comment about the whole collapsing economy relied on this “fact”.cheap nfl jerseys Its a shame that so many people in the media make statements of mind bending inaccuracy and then make a point based on it. Please tell me what the true city contribution was and how it was made up. It surely wasn’t made out of corporation tax! Steve MannStephen Mann, Bath

Have you been left behind in the old BBC Television Centre? Surely you didn’t take your tacky set and furniture to the new building even if you have taken your tired old jokes about Michael ‘choo choo’ Portillo etc along. Laurie Walshe, BedfordTIHS WEEK REPLIES: We have always been based at Westminster, so not directly affected by the move from TV Centre to New Broadcasting House. Our jokes and guests are perhaps slightly older than the buildling which closes for good this week.

I’ve submitted a previous comment about how This Week is the only thing which keeps me paying my TV license. Well that has now been reinforced by the appearance of Molly the Dog who is a genius addition to the team. Neil as ever is hilarious and brilliant at what he does. How many more fans would it have it was not buried in the dead of night, placed after the now far too often vapid and lowbrow Question Time with its ill informed audiences applauding inaccurate and politically biased comment for what seems to me to be no good reason whatsoever. Between 1933 and 1937 very little extra investment was made in the economy because Roosevelt had so much opposition to his proposals. In consequence, there was a second recession. When effective investment was made in 1939 the economy blossomed. Professor Starkey, in his reply to Alan Johnson, defined himself as the historian who knew all about the topic. Perhaps he should learn a bit about it before sounding off. Alec Melvin, Maidenhead

Now that we have two and a half Tories as regulars, it was irritating but unsurprising that bumptious David Starkey should be allowed to get away with some of his outrageous comments last night. I’m sure Diane would have torn into him about the relative success of FDR’s New Deal and British non Keynesianism in the thirties. She would surely have mentioned that the New Deal was seriously hampered by Congressional opposition. In the end, of course, both countries were hauled out of the mire by hugely increased defence spending (based on government borrowing)in the run up to WWII. And why she is sitting on the couch in the programme. Can’t be Alan Johnson’s a former postman couldn’t stand dogs after working as a postman. Is Micheal Portillo a fan of dogs as well as drinking blue nun and popping around to annabels. Scotland’s earlier attempt to set up an Empire in the late 17th century failed . This time we could guarantee success! from H. Norman Barton, ShopshireTHIS WEEK REPLIES: If she spoke, we would have to pay her more and all viewers know This Week has no budget to speak of, even for dog biscuits, sadly. Must be the guests. I always appreciate Michael Portillo’s analysis but Molly adds the right balance. There is, of course, no such thing as a single pence which is a plural word by derivation. D LloydMr D Lloyd, London SW3

The best post budget programme with D Starkey Michael Alan Terry Wogan and Laura had great clips! Andrew Neil hilarious anchorman!Ermintrude Horrockstein,

I usually watch the programme anyway but LOVE the addition of Molly the dog don’t let her go anywhere! Who does she belong to?!Caroline Dunmall, Orpington, KentTHIS WEEK REPLIES: She belongs to Andrew, and this was her second TW appearance.

I find it incredible that not one politician connects Britains troubles with the depression of working people’s wages. The so called ‘competive’ labour market must be a myth. The fact is that the majority of working people depend on tax credit, housing benefit etc etc and there is not enough money going round for enterprise to flourish. Please pass this on JohnJohn p t smith, Banchory

Perhaps this week you could include something agitating hundreds of thousands of people. You all ready have about 15% of the population with mortgages from pre the credit crash trapped with existing mortgages at higher rates than the rest of the population who cannot remortgage or switch to a new fixed rate deal . An example of this is all the Alliance Leicester customers left on high SVRs. This is just creating a future group of trapped borrowers. Perhaps the stimulus should have been to existing borrowers giving them say 5 years to use the saving to pay down debt so that their mortgages are then at true market rates not inflated. This would allow a equal pay down to banks that they should be compelled to lend out again or redirect the overpayments back to the tresury. Add the government guarantees to micro house builders so that they can get develpment finance from banks. Not support the major housebuilders who already have massive land banks. This will increase supply if houses and make housing more affordable. The child care is another burecratic shambles. Just make a under 18s personlal allowance of 1/8th the normal for each child, which parents can utilise. Thus the strivers need to work to get the increased allowance. Parents also can control who they want and trust to care for their offspring , not a nanny state dictating nurseries for under 4s etc. Child care after school is still a cost when the kids are 10 16 be it extra after school enrichment clubs or just sports. All have a cost to a family and should be the parents choice to decide what is best for their family. the shows turning into a has beens merry go round, martin, brighton

As sad as it may seem, I am a long time fan of your show. It is a relief to watch a programme which usually manages to present a balanced political view, compared to the default left of centre bias of all other BBC current affairs and news reporting. Unfortunately, this balance was completely lost in you show of 14 March with two left wing guests in the form of the ex St Pauls vicar and a guy from the Huffington Post. Both of these people have been on Question Time in recent weeks expounding their socialist convictions. Those two, plus Alastair Campbell acting always as though he is presenting a Labour Party political broadcast, left only Michael representing the right of centre corner. 3 against 1 is hardly a fair balance. I hope you do much better on tonight’s show. Clive Gibson, Salisbury, Wiltshire

An e mail I have sent to Michael “Choo Choo” Portillo I watched a rerun of one of your European train travels last night Holland to France. If you had undertaken the same journey some years ago, you have spent time at no less than six border posts, and lost a considerable amount of your cash to the rapacious banks as you went from Pounds to Guilders, to Belgian and then to French Francs. Bring back Diana Abbott, I never thought I would say that paul rivers, London


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