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would Peyton return

They could draft a QB in April and let him learn the system for a year then take the reigns in 2017.

The Broncos unwillingness to cut Manning sooner, rather than later, has to be more than just out of respect for Peyton!!?? Maybe they are trying to keep all options open for as long as possible. What are your thoughts?Gino way I keeping a Hall of Fame defensive end waiting to have his letter answered in the Broncos mailbag.

First, I do believe a deal between the Broncos and Brock Osweiler will get done by no later than Wednesday,wholesale jerseys from china the first day of free agency.

The Broncos have made him an offer somewhere between the $12.27 million a year average of Nick Foles the lowest paid of the 22 NFL quarterbacks who have advanced past their rookie contracts and the $16 million a year average of Andy Dalton, the 21st highest paid in this group.

I believe the Houston Texans will talk with Osweiler agent, Jimmy Sexton, when the tampering window opens Monday. Maybe, Cleveland and the New York Jets, too.

I still think after weighing all options, Osweiler winds up back with the Broncos.

But let say Elway does a draw a line, and Osweiler winds up elsewhere. I still don think Peyton Manning returns.

It time for the Broncos to begin the post Manning era. It was a wonderful four years. Denver was a legit Super Bowl contender four out of the four years Manning was here, winning it once, and getting to the Big Game twice.

But the Broncos almost parted ways with Manning after last season, only for both sides to give it one more try. The Manning you may want back in 2016, Gino, is not the 55 touchdown, 10 interception, 5,477 passing yard Manning. It would be the 9 touchdown, 17 interception Manning coming back at 40 years old.

Manning may return to play one more year for another team. I still think after he carefully considers all options, he will hang up.

I mean if he plays for the Los Angeles Rams or San Francisco 49ers, he would have to consider playing the defenses in Seattle and Arizona twice a year. No thanks.

If he plays with the Cleveland Browns, he have to play the defenses in Cincinnati, Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice a year.

No thanks. But that just a guess. I certain he won be back with the Broncos. If the Broncos wind up without Osweiler? They in trouble.

(Mailbag note: After an e mail exchange, this was not , the former Baltimore Colt great. This is the guy who was named after the Hall of Famer by his father. the football player, by the way, is 90 years young).

What is the likelihood that the Broncos will reach an agreement with Ryan Clady and DeMarcus Ware to take a pay cut prior to the start of free agency? Will both return or can we expect one, if not both to be in another jersey next year?

Brent Rice

Brent We find out Tuesday. I think Clady would accept a cut from the $9.5 million he scheduled to make to $5 million. But given his two season ending injuries the past three seasons, the Broncos may slash deeper. Wednesday.

Ware is a trickier case. Had the Broncos been one and done in the playoffs this season, I think they would have released Ware. The reasons would have been his $10 million salary, an aggravated back injury that resulted in five missed games, his 34th birthday on July 31, and first round pick Shane Ray behind him.

But the Broncos didn go one and done. They won Super Bowl 50 and they would not have if not for Ware spirited play on the field (3.5 sacks and astronomical 12 quarterback hits that were double Von Miller six in three postseason games) and inspirational leadership in the locker room.

The compromise is to bring Ware back at a reduced rate, but it is my opinion the Broncos should make sure they don offend the future Hall of Famer to the point he exists.

The free agent tampering window opens Monday. I sure Pat Dye Jr., the agent for both Clady and Ware, will gauge the interest other teams may have in his clients and then see what can be worked out with the Broncos.

It a dicey situation, as pay cut negotiations always are.

I have been curious about what happened to the gold sculpture made by Tiffany Co to accompany the Lombardi Trophy. Did the Broncos get to keep it? If not, where did it go?


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