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There were numerous less than stellar performances from Canadian athletes. Shot putter Dylan Armstrong won silver at last year’s world championships but only managed to get fifth place in London due to an elbow injury. Paula Findlay, who was ranked as the world’s top triathlete in 2011, finished last in her race because of a hip injury. And let’s pour some out for Hickstead, a horse from Canada’s 2008 gold medal equestrian team, who died last year and left the team without its most trusted steed.

On Monday morning, ABC News (that’s Australian Broadcast Corporation) asked its readers for their highlight of the 2012 Games: Cheap Jerseys free shipping the response quickly turned sour, with a large portion of respondents choosing instead to vent about Channel 9. A representative comment, from “Steve”: “Channel 9’s coverage was awful commentators often inaccurate regarding world geography and culture; over emphasis on ‘Aussie’ competitors (the rest of the world often ignored, or patronisingly included); microphones stuck into the faces of gasping, shocked and often emotionally overwhelmed competitors, etc Of course Channel 9 won’t care about this kind of justified criticism. After all, they will make buckets and buckets of money.”

Sound familiar? That comment section is only the latest in a series of complaints against Channel 9 that started very early in the Olympics. Back on August 1, mUmBRELLA had a post titled, “Nine in social media storm over Olympics coverage,” which detailed the still emerging antipathy towards the network, and in particular, its obsessive focus on swimming.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine that Rudisha’s victory alone will permanently heal Kenya’s wounds, but many in the country are hopeful that this moment of unity can be built upon. IPS News spoke to a sociology lecturer from the University of Nairobi about the possibility of capturing and maintaining this moment of goodwill: “In the case of Kenyan athletes, if this power of sport can be prioritised and tapped, Kenya would be able to bridge these ethnic divisions which in any case are equally triggered by minor differences,” he said.

Stratford’s Basketball Arena is one of the largest temporary structures ever built for the Olympics, and it was built with 20,000 square meters of recycled plastic (fitting as the gold medal winning US men’s squad wore uniforms that were each made of 22 recycled water bottles). Yet the stadium’s future is uncertain as plans to reuse the structure at the 2014 Commonwealth Games or 2016 Olympics have both been shelved. Perhaps the stadium will be recycled again and one day you’ll be sipping water from a bottle that was once an Olympic arena.