The Digital Library of Georgia is a gateway to Georgia’s history and culture found in digitized books, manuscripts, photographs, government documents, newspapers, maps, audio, video, and other resources.

The Digital Library of Georgia connects users to a million digital objects in 110 collections from 60 institutions and 100 government agencies. Though this represents only a fraction of Georgia’s cultural treasures, the Digital Library of Georgia continues to grow through its partnerships with libraries, archives, museums, government agencies, and allied organizations across the state.

Based at the University of Georgia Libraries, the Digital Library of Georgia is an initiative of GALILEO, the state’s virtual library. Please also visit the Civil Rights Digital Library, built in partnership with the DLG and GALILEO.


4 Replies to “About”

  1. Is there anyway to get email notification of new blog posts or recent DLG updates? Your RSS feed button links to Google, but alas Google Reader no longer exists.

    Thank you!

  2. Hey Angela,

    Currently, the best way to get notification of blog posts and DLG updates is by liking us on Facebook.

    Hope this helps and thanks for your interest!


  3. Are other newspapers going to be added to the South Georgia section such as the Moultrie Observer(sizeable town), or smaller towns such as the Pelham Journal, Camilla Enterprise, or Quitman Free Press?

  4. Donal,
    Thanks for your interest in the Digital Library of Georgia’s online newspaper archives. We do hope to expand the South Georgia newspapers site in the future, but we haven’t currently begun work on adding any newspapers to the archive. We always welcome suggestions and I’ll add the Moultrie Observer, Pelham Journal, Camilla Enterprise, and Quitman Free Press to our list of nominations for future additions to the South Georgia newspapers site.
    Thanks again!

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