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  1. This is so exciting! I love researching newspaper archives. I am particularly pleased that DLG included the Dahlonega newspaper.

    My favorite neighbor, who had the same name as I do, was originally from Dahlonega and perhaps I can locate a newspaper article about her that she once showed me. She has long since passed away and it would be wonderful to see it again.

  2. Perhaps you could tell me the best place to look for newspapers for the Cedartown Georgia area from 1944 – 1994, any suggestions would be apprecicated.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi, Darlene:

    The Sara Hightower Regional Library Cedartown Branch has issues of the Cedartown Standard, the Cedartown Express, the Cedartown Advertiser, the Advance Courier, and the Iron City News, though the PINES catalog doesn’t clearly state the date range for their holdings.

    You might contact them via their contact form at or by phone at 770-478-5644 to see if their holdings include your date range.

    The UGA Libraries has issues of the Daily Standard from Apr. 29, 1946-Jul. 7, 1950, the Polk County Times from Dec. 26, 1946-Jan. 7, 1954, and the Weekly Standard from Jan. 3, 1947-Jun. 9, 1950. You may be able to request these on interlibrary loan from your local library.

    The call numbers for the Daily Standard are:

    FILM AN13.C42 R4 (1946:Apr. 29-Dec. 13)
    FILM AN13.C42 R4 (1946:Dec. 16-1947:July 15)
    FILM AN13.C42 R4 (1947:July 16-1948:Mar. 15)
    FILM AN13.C42 R4 (1950:Jan. 2-July 7)
    FILM AN13.C42 R4 (1949:June-Dec.)
    FILM AN13.C42 R4 (1948:Nov.-1949:May)

    The call numbers for the Polk County Times are:

    FILM AN13.C42 P6 (1951:Jan. 4-1952:July 31)
    FILM AN13.C42 P6 (1950:May 5-Dec. 28)
    FILM AN13.C42 P6 (1948:May 6-1950:Apr. 27)
    FILM AN13.C42 P6 (1952:Aug. 7-1954:Jan. 7)
    FILM AN13.C42 P6 (1946:Dec. 26-1948:Apr. 29)

    The call number for the Weekly Standard is:

    FILM AN13.C42 R4 (1947:Jan. 3-1950:June 9 (with gaps))

    Thanks for your interest in Georgia Historic Newspapers!

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