Milledgeville Newspapers Added to Georgia Historic Newspapers site

Milledgeville Hotel, Union Recorder, December 29, 1896


The Digital Library of Georgia is pleased to announce the addition of the previously digitized Milledgeville newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website.

GHN now provides online access to thirteen Milledgeville newspaper titles published between 1808 and 1920, including:

Confederate Union, 1862-1865
Federal Union, 1830-1872
Future Citizen, 1914-1916
Georgia Argus, 1810-1815
Georgia Journal, 1809-1845
Milledgeville Intelligencer, 1808
Milledgeville News, 1909-1922
Reflector, 1817-1819
Southern Federal Union, 1861-1862
Southern Recorder, 1820-1872
Southron, 1828
Standard of Union, 1836-1841
Union Recorder, 1872-1920

The site offers full text searching and multiple browsing options. GHN is compatible with all current browsers, and the newspaper page images can be viewed without the use of plug-ins or additional software downloads.

This fall, the Digital Library of Georgia will be adding several previously digitized newspaper titles, including the Red and Black and titles from the South Georgia Historic Newspapers. Upcoming new releases will include the Walker County Messenger (LaFayette), the Bulletin of the Catholic Diocese of Savannah, and the Flagpole.


Forthcoming Newspapers

In July 2017, the Digital Library of Georgia added both new and previously digitized newspaper titles to its recently released Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website. Below is a list of newspapers titles slated to be added to GHN over the next six months.

In the fall of 2017, DLG will add the following newspapers:

  • Flagpole Magazine (Athens), 1987-2012
  • Houston Home Journal (Perry), 1990-1993
  • Walker County News (LaFayette), 1880-1924

In addition, DLG will incorporate antebellum-era issues of multiple Augusta newspaper titles:

  • Augusta Chronicle and Gazette of the State, 1792-1802
  • Augusta Evening Dispatch, 1858-1861
  • Augusta Herald, 1799-1821, 1838
  • Augusta Mirror, 1840
  • Augusta Washingtonian, 1843-1845
  • Columbian Sentinel, 1806-1809
  • Constitutionalist and Republic, 1851
  • Daily Chronicle & Sentinel, 1853-1859
  • Daily Constitutionalist, 1851-1859
  • Daily Constitutionalist and Republic, 1853-1854
  • Democratic Champion, 1844
  • Georgia State Gazette, or Independent Register, 1786-1789
  • Georgia Weekly Constitutionalist, 1848-1850
  • Mirror of the Times, 1808-1814
  • Southern Field and Fireside, 1859-1864
  • Southern Centinel and Gazette of the State, 1795-1796
  • Southerner, 1840
  • Tri-Weekly Constitutionalist, 1850-1867
  • Tri-Weekly Chronicle & Sentinel, 1851-1875
  • Tri-Weekly Republic, 1849-1851
  • Washingtonian, or, Total Abstinence Advocate, 1842-1843
  • Weekly Chronicle & Sentinel, 1851-1860
  • Weekly States’ Rights Sentinel, 1836

As part of the CLIR-funded project between Atlanta University Center, Spelman and Morehouse Colleges, and DLG, we will be adding the following student newspapers:

  • Gammon Theological Seminary’s The Foundation
  • ITC’s The Center and The Lantern
  • Morehouse College’s Maroon Tiger
  • Morris Brown College’s The Wolverine Observer
  • Spelman College’s The Campus Mirror and The Spelman Spotlight

Additionally, the DLG will incorporate the following previously released newspaper archives into GHN:

We will continue to update users on future newspaper digitization projects in the coming months as part of our effort to expand the holdings of the GHN website.