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The 69 year old Innu elder is traversing the land by snowshoe and toboggan in the traditional Innu way.”It’s very important for our culture, and to teach the children to not [lose] our culture”, she told CBC News from her home in Sheshatshiu.The walk, in its 13th year, will be her last, Penashue said. She will be joined by her son, Jack Penashue, and four of her grandchildren.For years she and her late husband, Francis Penashue, spent weeks at a time walking and living on the land. But last year she had to cancel the walk when Francis became ill. He died in the fall of 2013.’No, I’m not forgetting about Muskrat Falls, I’m very sad what happened, just like broke my heart when I look in the paper.’ Elizabeth PenashueDuring this last walk, Penashue wanted to experience more Innu land Muskrat Falls. The area was used by her ancestors, but now it’s being used by energy giant, Nalcor corporation.”Maybe some people think somebody should just forget about Muskrat Falls. No, I’m not forgetting about Muskrat Falls, I’m very sad what happened, just like broke my heart when I look in the paper.Cheap Jerseys from china “In a formal letter, she asked Nalcor to let her on the site, to see firsthand what’s happening.This year, as in other years, Elizabeth Penashue will be joined by family members as she traverses the land by snowshoe and toboggan.”Innu people was hunting Churchill River many years ago, always . and when I look now everything there, the big trucks, big machines . I am very concerned what is going to happen next.”

There was a Fenian back in the 19th Century who said, is the legitimate weapon of the weak against the strong but thisreally won wash. The Moscow Metro bombing is the latest atrocity in which innocent civilians have been killed.

Having spent some time reporting for this newspaper from Moscow in the mid 1990s, I was a regular user of the city remarkable Metro system, the biggest in the world, which moves huge numbers of people around the city day by day.

Whatever perceived injustices motivatedthe women who allegedly set off those bombs in the Russian capital surely cannot justify this appalling misdeed. The same applies to suicide bombings elsewhere regardless of what may have been done to the Palestinians, Tamils or whoever.

I am not unconscious of the fact that mighty states have over the years carried out horrific air raids on cities and towns in which many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have been horribly incinerated.

That includes Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the London Blitz, the fire bombing of Dresden. I have heard it suggested that the great task of this century should be to End All War. The ultimate aim would be to abolish war the same way legalised slavery was abolished in the past.

Did you ever go to Grozy Deaglan or make the effort to read about it or talk to refugees from there? What the Russian do there makes what the Serbs did look like Butlins and the injustices are more than talk about being mealy mouthed.

I hope you don catch cold up there in your ivory tower!

It seems the Russians are determined to link this attack to Chechyna (and the Russians have form on falsely blaming them on things and launching an attack in revenge) and as a result will now inflict even more rapes, murder, violent, mafia style abuses, people slavery and sexual violence and horrific lawlessness on the region as the only thing it seems Russian society understands is violence and violence begets violence.

There are so many conflicts all over the world were those inflicting the violence can be so easily condemned as utterly utterly wrong such as the IRA, ETA, the Palestinians, Muslim extremists etc and then there are some issues where you find it a bit harder to muster the same sort condemnation.

How can Russian people not care what was done in their name in Chechyna. Do they not know what is done there every day the sheer scale of murder and violence is mind boggling.

There must be complete rot in Russian society that the people overwhelmingly support the likes of Putin, who will now unleash a fresh orgy of physical violence and sexual violence and repression on Chechnya, and those few who are brave enough to make a stand are themselves murdered or silenced.

If the Russians continue to behave in that region the way it has then it must expect a response. It can be acceptable to condemn the attack on the metro and divorce it from why people are pushed to such limits. So Deagln you might also share some of the sympathy for the people of places like Grozy.

I afraid I agree with Desmond Fitzgerald that you seem to suffer from a bad case of a journalist whose views on world events have become too aligned and shaped by an establishment view.

What happened in Russia was shocking, brutal and wrong but Desmond is right in suggesting that you do not seem capable of mustering an equal and balanced condemnation. Your claim that is it clear you condemn atrocities by states and individuals equally is disingenuous. Otherwise you would have identified the bombers of Hiroshima, Dresden et al as you did the Palestinians and Tamils. And they would not have been such historical events either, they would also have been equally shocking, brutal and wrong events that have been suffered at the hands of supposedly civil states in the last ten years. It not like we short of such examples.

Your post leaves the distinct impression that the West have had a blemished past but these days it barbaric groups that attack civilizations and frankly it smacks of an imperialistic and arrogant view that in part contributes to the continued perpetuation of conflicts.

I couldn agree with you more, peaceful resistance needs to be championed and violence condemned but I just like to add something in terms of how states should tackle terrorism.

Female Suicide bombers blowing up people on a packed subway during rush hour seems just about as inhumane an act as you can imagine, the people who organize such attacks should be brought to justice no question.

However, it a bit of a clich but the only way to stop such terrorist acts long term is to tackle the underlying legitimate grievances of a population that these groups claim to represent.

Men and women who order or carry out these acts are criminals and they should be treated as such but the only way to do this without creating a hundred more is to get in from the local community. This allows the local population to help in the the type of intelligence gathering and policing required to defeat the extermists. I think the evidence from our own troubles would support this.

Putin said yesterday that the perpetrators of the attacks will be the type of collective punishment hinted at by such language is very worrying and would lead one to speculate that Moscow is doomed to endure further abominable acts such as this in the future.

You said injustices they are not perceived they are factual and real. You wouldn say the ethnic cleaning in Yugoslavia was and yet the Russians have unleashed violence on a scale far worse than even the Serbs. So I don see how any comment on these attacks can be made without also explaining the actions of Russians in that region because otherwise it gives the impressive that the Chechnya are attacking Russians for no reason. Whether the warrants such attacks is open for debate and I wondering why I feel ambivalent about this issue of Russian civilians being killed when I feel so clear cut that in so many other areas such attacks are wrong and unjustifiable.

What the Russians are doing in Chechyna is on a scale far worse than any of conflcit in anywhere else except some places in Africa is that why I find it hard to feel much sympathy for innocent Russian civilians because they support the likes of Putin in such numbers that they can pretend they have no role in how Russia acts. If the Russian public held Putin to account (as it is Putin who calls the shots) then maybe people like him would think twice before their campaign of ethnic cleansing in that region. I not sure Russian actions the metro bombings but Russia can be allowed to use it as an excuse to unleash even more violence (which is not just army violence but includes massive sexual violence against local women) without having to explain to the Russian people what the Russian army is doing in that region to push people to such extremes.

A bit off topic for a moment; it been interesting in the various events that shook Ireland over the last few years how to date not one single person has been held to account or admitted they had any role in creating the mess. Specific actual politicians made specific actual decisions, on receipt of money from specific actual developers, who gave that money in return for specific actual changes to law or regulations etc. Yet there seems to be some sort of collusion between all involved to avoid ever demanding specific actual people be held to account.

The media have yet to acknowledge their role in colluding to allow politicians and business people and those in the professions to walk away and now come back to line their pockets again through the NAMA scam. The same people woh ramped up the property market and gutted financial regulation are now bleeding the taxpayer dry through the fees they charge NAMA to tell us what we already know and were told for years by other people such as Richard Bruton and Joan Burton and George Lee and McWilliams and Hobbs etc.

You part of that problem Deaglan and show me if I wrong and when you published articles highlighting the bad decisions or supporting those who were calling for a stop to the madness or when did you or your colleagues in the media ever publish articles educating people on the link between their vote for FF and the mess the country is in.

I bet you think it a good thing that you can wander around Leinster House and be on first name terms with the people you are meant to hold to account impartially how can you be impartial about your chums from the same school, same locality, golf club etc (and that not aimed at you personally as it implies to a lot of journalists).

Back on topic I sure the Russian civilian deaths are horrible but you can make a legitimate condemnation of those attacks while not commenting on the reason those women were driven to do what they did and also being specific about what Russia is doing in that region.

It legitimate to question the role of the media and we should have been keeping a better eye on those who were supposed to be keeping an eye on the banks. As regards the links between FF and the business community, I think that has been covered quite substantially over the years but there could have been even more. Ask any FF er if he/she thinks the media have given them a soft ride! Your notion that if FF were gotten rid of, there would be no problem is a tad naive. The problem is societal and not confined to one organisation, however large and widespread.

Deagln, there is a reason why there were no robust laws or regulations to prevent this mess happening.


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Je voudrais avoir la réponse à corriger le déséquilibre de richesse entre la moyenne Joe et ultra riche. Personnellement, je ne vois aucune preuve que l’imposition de la merde hors des riches de faire don aux pauvres va tout faire pour corriger le déséquilibre.

Les riches ont les moyens d’éviter, de récupérer, de réorganiser. toute solution pour créer un meilleur équilibre économique doit fournir des moyens rentables pour les pauvres à gagner du terrain pas chaussette aux riches qui ont les ressources pour vaincre la fiscalité et la réglementation. Cela fait partie de filet en place des systèmes qui sont aussi inefficaces que trickle down. doudoune moncler Cette semaine nous a rappelé encore une fois de la puissance des riches avec la sortie en cours des documents de Panama. De l’Observateur national:

Les chiffres sont renversants. En outre, on estime (US) $ 11500000000000 est en cours planqué dans des comptes offshore dans le monde entier, pour une raison ou une autre.

Comment sait-on il y a un déséquilibre? Il est la différence entre la moyenne et le revenu médian et de la richesse. Pour rappel:

La médiane d’un ensemble de nombres est que le numéro où la moitié des chiffres sont plus faibles et la moitié des chiffres sont plus élevés; et la moyenne d’un ensemble de nombres est le total de ces chiffres, divisé par le nombre d’éléments dans cet ensemble. D’une manière générale, si la moyenne et la moyenne sont proches les uns des autres, il y a équilibre. Dans le cas du revenu personnel, la preuve du déséquilibre est facile à visualiser. Le revenu personnel disponible moyen par habitant est en hausse de plus de 22% depuis 2000.

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Alors que le revenu médian des ménages est encore légèrement négatif (baisse de 0,3% depuis 2000).

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Selon mon dos d’un calcul des enveloppes, il semble qu’il y avait à peu près un différentiel de croissance de 20% entre la médiane et le revenu moyen de la période précédente de 20 ans.

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Il est difficile d’être précis sous forme d’ensembles de données de revenu médian sont basées sur le revenu des ménages alors que les ensembles de données de revenu moyen sont par habitant. Je trouve intéressant que le gouvernement fait peu pour aider à suivre l’équilibre économique tout simplement les données ne sont pas recueillies pour faciliter l’analyse précise.

Nulle part la disparité des revenus plus évident que de regarder la valeur nette d’une enquête 2014 Credit Suisse [pointe du chapeau pour Samurai financier].

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Il y avait toujours des gens très riches, tandis que les masses étaient généralement pauvres. Il y a des limites aux données qui rendent difficile de dire que le déséquilibre se détériore ou mieux. Être un conspirationniste, je considère toujours si la manipulation par les pouvoirs pourrait supprimer des données qui pourraient éclairer. Il y a beaucoup de questions pour lesquelles je voudrais données dur et dans l’information de l’âge d’aujourd’hui, il serait relativement facile d’accumuler. Au lieu de cela aux États-Unis utilise l’ère de l’information pour surveiller les communications au lieu de créer des bases de données monétaires sur les flux qui permettraient de suivre l’économie et de donner une rétroaction immédiate et précise.

Parce qu’il est relativement facile de suivre les inégalités économiques si les données ont été accumulées, je ne peux que supposer le fossé entre les riches et les pauvres se détériore (basé sur mes préjugés de la théorie du complot).

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Avoir une douche pour bébé 1 seulement est tout simplement une règle archaïque. Les temps ont changé et ont donc des coutumes, y compris celui-ci. Je suis d’accord que les gros articles tels que une balançoire ou un berceau sont réutilisables, mais la douche est pas seulement un rassemblement me donner des cadeaux, il est un moyen d’aider une nouvelle maman se préparer pour son bébé à venir. Chaque nouveau bébé devrait être célébré dans une telle manière. Que ce soit une grande douche ou tout simplement un «parti de choyer où les clients sont invités à apporter des couches et des lingettes. Je suis une tante de neuf neveux, toutes mes sœurs en droit ont seulement plusieurs garçons et tous ont eu des douches pour chaque bébé, ainsi que mes amis ont eu de multiples douches pour leurs enfants. Une douche est un cadeau et un moyen pour la famille et les amis pour montrer leur soutien et leur amour pour le nouveau membre de la famille, ne devrait pas chaque enfant montrer que même soutien et l’amour? Et pour autant que je sache, les cadeaux donnés à une douche de bébé sont pour le bébé, pas maman. Nous donnons des cadeaux d’anniversaire à la famille / amis chaque année, pourquoi pas une douche pour chaque enfant? Je pense qu’il est tout à fait acceptable, si l’enfant est le sexe opposé ou de même. Avec chaque enfant vient de nouveaux besoins, peu importe si vous avez déjà des trucs pour bébé ou non. Les choses s’usent et vieillissent. Le deuxième enfant ne doit pas être à court changé parce que quelqu’un pense qu’il ne convient pas. Certains grands articles que vous peut-être déjà, et dans ce cas, que les gens sachent cela et demander si elles apportent un cadeau, peut-être qu’ils peuvent apporter des couches (toujours une nécessité). Une chose que je souligne cependant, est de vous assurer que votre premier enfant se sent inclus comme la grande soeur ou un frère. Si quelqu’un veut jeter une deuxième douche et la maman veut, alors allez-y! Cependant, il est également approprié dans de nombreux cas, de renoncer à une deuxième douche puisque vous devriez avoir un si grand nombre des besoins déjà. Mon idée préférée est d’avoir une maison ouverte après la deuxième bébé est né c’est ce que tout le monde veut de toute façon. une chance de tenir ce nouveau petit bonbon! Les gens vont apporter des cadeaux pour que s’ils veulent, mais ne se sentent pas sous pression comme ils peuvent avec une invitation de douche. Il est plus relaxant et offre plus de possibilités pour l’aîné de participer. Que mon deuxième enfant est même sexe ou non, je prévois de refuser toute offre d’eau et faire l’idée de la maison ouverte à la place. Je pense qu’il est doux de montrer à vos enfants des images leur permettant de voir comment excité vous étiez avant qu’ils sont même nés qu’ils venaient. Pour être en dehors de qui est vraiment un don et une bénédiction par lui-même. son pas si grave! 🙂 Je pense célébrer chaque nouveau bébé est très important. Si elle est une fille que nous allons probablement garder le focus sur notre fille. Si elle est un garçon nous allons probablement permettre à des cadeaux de garçon. Si vous avez des préoccupations au sujet de votre propre santé ou la santé de votre enfant, vous devriez toujours consulter un médecin ou un autre professionnel de la santé. S’il vous plaît examiner les conditions d’utilisation avant d’utiliser ce site. Votre utilisation du site, vous acceptez d’être lié par les Conditions d’utilisation .