And sometimes we would have patients come into the clinic with

Pulling around the first turn Andrew was following me close by. We continued on together past the second turn, but he fell back well before the first water stop. Looking behind me around mile 3 I saw that I was followed closely by Jarad and further back by Jeff.

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“All of our fish were caught on Carolina rigs and Rat L Traps in 8′ or less. Most were in about a foot and a half of water.” It was noon before they put their fifth fish in the livewell, but as the water warmed the bite got better. “We caught about three limits.

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Plastic bag bans are swiftly spreading across the country and the world. But in some sense they are merely symbolic there are many more everyday, household items that can be just as harmful to the environment. We asked on Twitter for some suggestions for other items we could do without, and here what you said..

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