So they feel like they are here with me!

I still haven’t made it to see “Intrude,” the giant bunny art installation at the Brooks this will be corrected this weekend. But here’s a big shoutout for the creativity of the Museum’s concurrent, rabbit themed films series, which John Beifuss writes about here. John also writes about “Blueprints to Freedom: An Ode to Bayard Rustin,” a play about the too little known civil rights activist, the chief organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, which opens at Hattiloo Theatre tonight..

I want to make people feel familiar withLondon. I want to make them feel like they were here just by reading what I write and seeing my photos of London. So they feel like they are here with me!. Parallel park as close to the curb as possible if you must park on the road. Don TMt park sideways on the road or in an intersection. If you have to leave your car, place your phone number visible on the dashboard.

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Saturday and Sunday at 4009 E

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IT’S THE smell that hits you first glue, with topnotes of rubber on opening the door of the Mackintosh raincoat factory in Cumbernauld. Along with a blast of Rihanna from the radio, it snakes out through the gap and draws you into the plant where a Scottish success story is working away at weathering the recession. Mackintosh..

All family members and breeds can visit Santa at the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas’ annual GreytStore Holiday Boutique in the Plaza at Preston Center. Along with gifts for pet lovers and their little ones Christian Louboutin Clearance, they’ll be selling vintage Herms scarves, Riedel etched glassware and more goodies. Saturday and Sunday at 4009 E.

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