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The Vienna News

The Digital Library of Georgia is pleased to announce the addition of the Vienna News to the South Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive:

Vienna News, November 24, 1908
Vienna News, November 24, 1908

The South Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive now provides access to sixteen newspaper titles published in ten south Georgia cities (Albany, Americus, Bainbridge, Brunswick, Cuthbert, Thomasville, Tifton, Valdosta, Vienna, and Waycross) from 1845 to 1922. Consisting of over 148,000 newspaper pages, the archive provides historical images that are both full-text searchable and can be browsed by date. 

The archive includes the 
Vienna News (1902-1918), in addition to the titles previously available in the archive: Albany Herald (1892-1893, 1900-1901, 1906), Albany News (1867-1892), Albany Patriot (1845-1866), Americus Times Recorder (1881-1921), Bainbridge Democrat (1872-1909), Bainbridge Search Light/Post-Search Light (1901-1922), Brunswick Advertiser/Advertiser and Appeal (1875-1889), Cuthbert Appeal (1866-1886), Sumter Republican (1870-1885), Tifton Gazette (1892-1919), Thomasville Times Enterprise (1873-1922),Valdosta Times (1908-1912), Waycross Headlight (1884-1887), Waycross Herald (1892-1914), and Waycross Journal (1901-1914).

The South Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive is a project of the Digital Library of Georgia as part of the Georgia HomePLACE initiative. The project is supported with federal LSTA funds administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Georgia Public Library Service, a unit of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Digitization is also made possible through the generosity of Randy Sullivan.

Other newspaper archives available through the Digital Library of Georgia include the Atlanta Historic Newspapers Archive (1847-1922), the Macon Telegraph Archive (1826-1908), the Athens Historic Newspapers Archive (1827-1928), the Columbus Enquirer Archive (1828-1890), the Milledgeville Historic Newspapers Archive (1808-1920), the 
Southern Israelite Archive (1929-1986), the Red and Black Archive (1893-2006), and the Mercer Cluster Archive (1920-1970). These archives can be accessed at