Georgia Historic Newspapers Update Fall 2020

This past spring and summer, the Digital Library of Georgia released several new grant-funded newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers website. Included below is a list of the newly available titles.

Titles funded by the Burke County Genealogical and Historical Society

True Citizen (Waynesboro), 1902-1926

Titles funded by the Forsyth County Government

Forsyth County News (Cumming), 1959-1995

Titles funded by the Georgia Public Library Service

Adairsville Banner, 1898

Adairsville Ledger, 1890

Bartow Tribune (Cartersville), 1911-1917

Bartow tribune. The Cartersville news, 1917-1923

Cartersville American, 1882-1886

Cartersville Courant, 1885-1886

Cartersville Courant-American, 1888-1889

Cartersville Express, 1880-1889

Cartersville News, 1904-1917

Cartersville Sentinel, 1874

Coffee County Gazette (Pearson), 1880-1881

Coffee County Progress (Douglas), 1913-1925

Courant-American (Cartersville), 1887-1888

Courant-American (Cartersville), 1889-1901

Dade County Gazette (Rising Fawn), 1879-1882

Dade County News (Trenton), 1888-1889

Dade County Sentinel (Trenton), 1901-1908

Dade County Times (Trenton), 1908

Dade County Weekly Times (Rising Fawn), 1884-1888

Dade County Weekly Times (Trenton), 1889

Douglas Breeze, 1895-1902

Douglas Enterprise, 1905-1926

Douglas Weekly Breeze, 1903-1905

Emerson News, 1897

Free Press (Cartersville), 1878-1883

Henry County Weekly (Hampton), 1879-1891

Henry County Weekly (McDonough), 1892-1923

Henry County Weekly and Henry County Times (McDonough), 1891

Kingston Times, 1910

Moultrie Observer, 1899

News (Cartersville), 1901

News and Courant (Cartersville), 1901-1904

Pearson Tribune, 1917-1922

State of Dade News (Trenton), 1891-1901

Voice of the People (Cartersville), 1892

Weekly Cartersville Express, 1866

Willacoochee Record, 1912

Willacoochee Sun, 1907-1908

Willacoochee Times, 1921, 1930

Titles funded by the Houston County Public Library System

Houston Daily Journal (Perry), 2006-2007

Houston Home Journal (Perry), 1993-1994

Houston Home Journal (Perry), 1999-2005

Houston Home Journal (Perry), 2007-2008

Houston Times-Journal (Perry), 1994-1999

Titles funded by the Knox Foundation with support from the Friends of the Augusta Library

Augusta Daily Herald, 1908-1914

Augusta Herald, 1890-1908

Augusta Herald, 1914-1924

Titles funded by the Middle Georgia State University Library through a grant from the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council (GHRAC)

Cochran Journal, 1910-1913

Titles funded by the National Digital Newspaper Program

Americus Times Recorder, 1901-1919

Titles funded by the R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation and the Gwinnett Historical Society

Gwinnett Herald (Lawrenceville), 1885-1897

Lawrenceville News, 1894, 1897

News-Herald (Lawrenceville), 1899-1924

Weekly Gwinnett Atlas (Lawrenceville), 1917

Weekly Gwinnett Herald (Lawrenceville), 1871-1885

Titles Funded by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah

Bulletin (Monroe), 1961-1962

Southern Cross (Savannah), 1963-2000


GHN Forthcoming Newspapers – Fall 2020

Over the next year, the Digital Library of Georgia will be adding a variety of new newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website ( Below is a list of newspapers titles currently slated to be added to GHN in Fall 2020/Winter 2021.

National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP)-funded newspaper titles:

Americus Times-Recorder, 1901-1924

Athens Republique, 1921-1926

Atlanta Constitution, 1894-1903

Atlanta Georgian, 1912-1914

Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal, 1899-1920

Atlanta Tri-Weekly Journal, 1920-1925

Golden Age (Atlanta), 1906-1915

Jeffersonian (Atlanta), 1907-1917

People’s Party Paper (Atlanta), 1892-1898

Savannah Tribune, 1886-1888

Trench and Camp (Atlanta), 1917-1919

Weekly Jeffersonian (Atlanta), 1907

R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation-funded newspaper titles to be digitized in coordination with the Atlanta History Center:

Atlanta Daily Examiner, 1854-1855

Atlanta Daily Post, 1879

Atlanta Evening Capitol, 1885-1887

Atlanta Evening Herald, 1893

Atlanta Post-Appeal, 1882

Atlanta Universalist, 1881-1882

Atlanta Weekly Examiner, 1855-1856

Atlanta Weekly Post, 1880-1893

Baptist Banner (Atlanta), 1862-1864

Cherokee Georgian (Canton), 1875-1876

Cherokee Intelligencer (Etowah), 1833-1834

Christian Index (Atlanta), 1879-1881

Christian Index (Atlanta), 1892-1897

Christian Index and Southern Baptist (Atlanta), 1881-1883, 1892

Columbus Daily Times, 1878-1885

Daily Chronicle & Sentinel (Augusta), 1850

Daily Dispatch (Savannah), 1894

Daily New Era (Atlanta), 1865-1868

Daily Press (Savannah), 1894

Evening Sentinel (Augusta), 1878-1879

Georgia Constitutionalist (Augusta), 1845

Georgia Courier (Augusta), 1833-1835

Georgia Statesman (Milledgeville), 1827

Great Kennesaw Route Gazette (Atlanta), 1886

Kennesaw Gazette (Atlanta), 1886-1890

Living Issues (Atlanta), 1893-1894

Looking Glass (Atlanta), 1894-1897

Macon News, 1898

Marietta Advocate, 1861-1863

Marietta Semi-Weekly Advocate, 1861

Miners Recorder and Spy in the West (Auraria), 1834-1837

National Republican (Augusta), 1868

Savannah Daily Times, 1884-1886

Savannah Gazette, 1817

Savannah Morning News, 1879-1883

Savannah Weekly News, 1894-1898

Southern Alliance Farmer (Atlanta), 1889-1892

Southern Confederacy (Atlanta), 1861

Southern Recorder (Milledgeville), 1846-1856

Southern Whig (Athens), 1834-1839

Standard of Union (Milledgeville), 1836-1840

Sunday Gazette (Atlanta), 1878-1880

Sunday Phonograph (Atlanta), 1879-1881

Times (Savannah), 1880-1881

Weekly Augusta Chronicle, 1893-1898

Weekly Chronicle & Constitutionalist (Augusta), 1881-1883

Weekly Chronicle & Sentinel (Augusta), 1843-1851

Weekly Constitution (Atlanta), 1870-1874

Weekly Constitutionalist (Augusta), 1862-1869

Weekly Georgia Constitutionalist and Republic (Augusta), 1852-1855

Weekly Republic (Augusta), 1849-1851

Western Georgian (Rome), 1838