Georgia Historic Newspapers Update Winter 2019

Over the winter, the Digital Library of Georgia released several new grant-funded newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers website. Included below is a list of the new titles along with titles added from previous newspaper websites.

Titles funded by a National Digital Newspaper Program Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities:

Morning News (Savannah), 1887-1899

Titles funded by Georgia HomePLACE:

Orthodox Democrat (Barnesville), 1889

Barrow Times (Winder), 1919-1921

Weekly Journal (Homer), 1889-1890

Barnesville Weekly Gazette, 1869

Daily Gazette (Barnesville), 1884

Weekly Gazette (Barnesville), 1868

Titles funded by a Digitizing Hidden Collections grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR):

Wolverine Observer (Morris Brown College, Atlanta), 1936-2001

Panther (Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta), 1944-1969

Titles funded by the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation

American Patriot (Savannah), 1812

American Republic (Macon), 1859

American Standard (Albany), 1855

American Union (Griffin), 1851-1860

American Whig (Griffin), 1848

Argus (Savannah), 1828-1829

Backwoodsman and Upson Yeoman (Thomaston), 1834

Bee (Forsyth), 1849

Christian Index (Washington), 1833-1866

Columbian Museum & Savannah Advertiser, 1796-1817

Columbian Museum and Savannah Commercial Advertiser, 1817

Columbian Museum and Savannah Daily Gazette, 1817-1819

Columbus Sentinel and Herald, 1838-1841

Covington Herald, 1835

Cuthbert Reporter, 1856-1860

Daily Citizen (Macon), 1857

Daily Georgia Citizen (Macon), 1859

Daily Sun (Columbus), 1856-1861

Daily Telegraph (Savannah), 1840

Darien Gazette, 1818-1828

Dollar News (Savannah), 1855

Empire State (Griffin), 1856-1859

Enterprise (Thomasville), 1865

Evening Mirror (Savannah), 1851

Federal Republican Advocate, and Commercial Advertiser (Savannah), 1807-1808

Friend and Monitor (Washington), 1815

A Friend of the Family (Savannah), 1849-1851

Georgia & Carolina Gazette (Petersburg), 1805-1806

Georgia Banner (Newnan), 1856

Georgia Christian Repertory (Macon), 1831-1832

Georgia Citizen Advertiser (Macon), 1860

Georgia Citizen (Macon), 1850-1860

Georgia Citizen (Macon), 1859

Georgia Clipper (Warrenton), 1860

Georgia Courier (Lumpkin), 1853

Georgia Gazette (Savannah), 1763-1770

Georgia Gazette (Savannah), 1798-1802

Georgia Jeffersonian (Griffin), 1853-1854

Georgia Journal and Independent Federal Register (Savannah), 1793-1794

Georgia Journal and Messenger (Macon), 1847-1861

Georgia Literary and Temperance Crusader (Atlanta), 1860-1861

Georgia Messenger (Ft. Hawkins), 1823-1847

Georgia Pioneer, and Retrenchment Banner (Cassville),  1840

Georgia Pioneer (Cassville), 1841

Georgia Republican & State Intelligencer (Savannah), 1802-1805

Georgia Republican (Savannah), 1806-1807

Georgia Temperance Crusader (Penfield), 1858-1859

Greensboro Weekly Gazette, 1858

Harris County Enterprise (Hamilton), 1860-1864

The Hickory Nut and Upson Vigil (Thomaston), 1833-1834

Independent Blade (Newnan), 1859-1860

Independent Press (Washington), 1840

Independent South (Griffin), 1858

The McIntosh County herald, and Darien commercial register, 1839-1840

The messenger (Macon), 1823

The missionary (Mt. Zion), 1821-1825

The monitor (Washington), 1802-1815

The Morning Chronicle (Savannah), 1818

Muscogee Democrat, and Mercantile Advertiser (Columbus), 1847-1848

Muscogee Democrat (Columbus), 1849

News & Planters’ Gazette (Washington), 1840-1844

The News (Washington), 1816-1820

The News (Washington), 1833-1840

Organ (Hamilton), 1854-1856

Palladium (Newnan), 1835-1836

Patriot and Commercial Advertiser (Savannah), 1806-1807

Planters’ Weekly (Greensboro), 1860-1861

Public Intelligencer (Savannah), 1807-1809

Republican and Savannah Evening Ledger, 1807-1816

Republican Sentinel (Rome), 1844

Royal Georgia Gazette (Savannah), 1779-1782

Rural Cabinet (Warrenton), 1828-1830

Savannah Courier, 1852

Savannah Daily Georgian, 1857-1858

Savannah Daily Journal and Courier, 1855

Savannah Evening Journal, 1852-1853

Savannah Journal, 1852

Savannah Mercury, 1829

Savannah Museum, 1821-1822

Semi-Weekly True Flag (Rome), 1860

Sentinel (Louisville), 1820

Southern Baptist Messenger (Covington), 1860-1862

Southern Literary Companion (Newnan), 1860-1865

Southern Enterprise (Thomasville), 1860-1861

Southern Enterprise (Thomasville), 1865-1866

Southern Miscellany (Madison), 1842-1846

Southern Patriot (Savannah), 1806

Southern Sentinel (Columbus), 1850-1852

Southerner (Rome), 1850

Standard (Cassville), 1852-1853

Standard of Union and Free Trade Advocate (Sparta), 1834

Star of the South (Elberton), 1860

State Press (Macon), 1859

Telegraph (Darien), 1835

Temperance Banner (Penfield), 1849-1855

Temperance Crusader (Penfield), 1856-1857

Times & Sentinel Tri-Weekly (Columbus), 1855-1858

Times (Savannah), 1823

Tri-Weekly Columbus Times, 1851

Tri-Weekly Times and Sentinel (Columbus), 1853

Upson Pilot (Thomaston), 1858-1862

Washington News and Miscellaneous Advertiser, 1832-1833

Washington News, 1822-1831

Weekly Georgia Citizen (Macon), 1860

Weekly Sun (Columbus), 1859-1863

Weekly Times & Sentinel (Columbus), 1853-1858

Wilkes Republican (Washington), 1857-1858

Wire-grass Reporter (Thomasville), 1857-1858

The DLG has also converted several newspaper archives to the GHN website, including:

Carroll Free Press (Carrollton), 1883-1922

Cassville Standard, 1857-1860

Cedartown Advertiser, 1879-1884

Cedartown Express, 1877-1879

Cedartown Record, 1874-1877

Cedartown Standard, 1900-1922

Cherokee Advance (Canton), 1880-1922

Clayton Tribune, 1899-1924

Cleveland Progress, 1892-1896

Dahlonega Nugget, 1903-1928

Daily Telegraph and Messenger (Macon), 1873

Douglas County Sentinel, 1917-1922

Gainesville News, 1902-1922

Georgia Cracker, 1897-1902

Georgia Telegraph (Macon), 1832-1835

Georgia Telegraph (Macon), 1844-1858

Georgia Weekly Telegraph and Georgia Journal & Messenger, 1869-1880

Georgia Weekly Telegraph, Journal and Messenger, 1880-1882

LaGrange Herald, 1843-1844

LaGrange Reporter, 1857-1914

Macon Daily Telegraph, 1908

Macon Georgia Telegraph, 1836-1844

Macon Telegraph, 1894-1904

Macon Telegraph, 1826-1832

Macon Telegraph and Messenger, 1873-1882

Newnan Herald, 1868-1885

North Georgia Citizen (Dalton), 1868-1921

Rome Tri-Weekly Courier, 1860-1880

Rome Weekly Courier, 1860-1878

Standard (Cassville), 1852-1853

Telegraph and Messenger (Macon), 1871-1873

Twice-a-Week Telegraph (Macon), 1907

Weekly Georgia Telegraph (Macon), 1858-1869

Weekly Telegraph (Macon), 1885-1894

Weekly Telegraph and Messenger (Macon), 1884-1885


Georgia antebellum newspapers now freely available online

As part of a $14,495 grant from the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation, the Digital Library of Georgia has digitized approximately 53,930 pages of Georgia newspaper titles published prior to 1861 from microfilm held by the Georgia Newspaper Project ( The project creates full-text searchable versions of the newspapers and presents them online for free in its Georgia Historic Newspapers database at in accordance with technical guidelines developed by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress for the National Digital Newspaper Program (see . The Georgia Historic Newspapers database will utilize the Library of Congress’ open source tool, Chronicling America, for the online delivery of the full-text newspapers.Users will be able to search the database for geographic, corporate, family, and personal names.

138 pre-Civil War titles have been digitized from the following Georgia cities: Albany, Americus, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Auraria, Calhoun, Carrollton, Cartersville, Cassville, Clarkesville, Columbus, Covington, Cuthbert, Darien, Forsyth, Ft. Hawkins, Greensboro, Griffin, Hamilton, Louisville, Lumpkin, Macon, Madison, Mount Zion, Newnan, Oglethorpe, Penfield, Petersburg, Rome, Savannah, Sparta, Thomaston, Thomasville, Warrenton, and Washington.

Vivian Price Saffold, chairman of the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Advisory Committee, states: “Since 1971 genealogy researchers have depended on publications funded by grants from the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation. The Foundation has funded the printing of thousands of books in traditional format. More recently the addition of digital projects, such as the Digital Library of Georgia’s newspaper project, have made possible free online access to tens of thousands of Georgia newspaper pages that previously were difficult to research. The DLG project is a great example of the kind of grant request the Foundation is proud to fund. Georgia newspapers are a valuable resource. On the technical side, the online newspaper images are sharp and clear, and the functionality of the indexing is excellent.”

About the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation

The purpose of the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation Trust is to promote genealogical research and study in Georgia in conjunction with the Georgia Genealogical Society and the Georgia Archives. Grants are made to individuals and organizations to defray the expense of publishing (print or digital) records of a genealogical nature from public and private sources. The primary emphasis is on preserving and making available to the public genealogical data concerning citizens of Georgia who were residents prior to 1851. Visit the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation at

About the Digital Library of Georgia

Based at the University of Georgia Libraries, the Digital Library of Georgia is a GALILEO initiative that collaborates with Georgia’s libraries, archives, museums and other institutions of education and culture to provide access to key information resources on Georgia history, culture and life. This primary mission is accomplished through the ongoing development, maintenance and preservation of digital collections and online digital library resources. DLG also serves as Georgia’s service hub for the Digital Public Library of America and as the home of the Georgia Newspaper Project, the state’s historic newspaper microfilming project.