National Digital Newspaper Program Update

Since August 2019, the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) has been at work on our second round of participation in the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) grant. The program is a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Library of Congress (LC) to “develop an Internet-based, searchable database of U.S. newspapers with descriptive information and select digitization of historic pages.”

As Georgia’s representative in the program, the DLG coordinates with the NEH, the LC, the Georgia Archives, and vendor partners both domestic and international to digitize some of the state’s most historically significant newspapers. Last year, an advisory board comprised of archivists, genealogists, historians, humanities professionals, librarians, and journalists selected thirteen Georgia newspaper titles for digitization as part of the NDNP grant. The titles listed below will be digitized and made available over the next six months on both the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America website and the DLG’s Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website. The linked titles have already been made available online:

  • Atlanta Constitution, 1887-1903
  • Atlanta Georgian, 1912-1914
  • Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal, 1901-1920
  • Atlanta Tri-Weekly Journal, 1920-1925
  • Golden Age, 1906-1915
  • Jeffersonian, 1907-1917
  • Watson’s Weekly Jeffersonian, 1907
  • Weekly Jeffersonian, 1907

During our previous NDNP grant cycle, the DLG digitized an additional 110,000 historical newspaper pages between 2017 and 2019. Those newspaper issues are freely available to the public on both the Chronicling America and Georgia Historic Newspapers websites. The following titles were digitized as part of the grant:


GHN Forthcoming Newspapers – Fall 2020

Over the next year, the Digital Library of Georgia will be adding a variety of new newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website ( Below is a list of newspapers titles currently slated to be added to GHN in Fall 2020/Winter 2021.

National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP)-funded newspaper titles:

Americus Times-Recorder, 1901-1924

Athens Republique, 1921-1926

Atlanta Constitution, 1894-1903

Atlanta Georgian, 1912-1914

Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal, 1899-1920

Atlanta Tri-Weekly Journal, 1920-1925

Golden Age (Atlanta), 1906-1915

Jeffersonian (Atlanta), 1907-1917

People’s Party Paper (Atlanta), 1892-1898

Savannah Tribune, 1886-1888

Trench and Camp (Atlanta), 1917-1919

Weekly Jeffersonian (Atlanta), 1907

R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation-funded newspaper titles to be digitized in coordination with the Atlanta History Center:

Atlanta Daily Examiner, 1854-1855

Atlanta Daily Post, 1879

Atlanta Evening Capitol, 1885-1887

Atlanta Evening Herald, 1893

Atlanta Post-Appeal, 1882

Atlanta Universalist, 1881-1882

Atlanta Weekly Examiner, 1855-1856

Atlanta Weekly Post, 1880-1893

Baptist Banner (Atlanta), 1862-1864

Cherokee Georgian (Canton), 1875-1876

Cherokee Intelligencer (Etowah), 1833-1834

Christian Index (Atlanta), 1879-1881

Christian Index (Atlanta), 1892-1897

Christian Index and Southern Baptist (Atlanta), 1881-1883, 1892

Columbus Daily Times, 1878-1885

Daily Chronicle & Sentinel (Augusta), 1850

Daily Dispatch (Savannah), 1894

Daily New Era (Atlanta), 1865-1868

Daily Press (Savannah), 1894

Evening Sentinel (Augusta), 1878-1879

Georgia Constitutionalist (Augusta), 1845

Georgia Courier (Augusta), 1833-1835

Georgia Statesman (Milledgeville), 1827

Great Kennesaw Route Gazette (Atlanta), 1886

Kennesaw Gazette (Atlanta), 1886-1890

Living Issues (Atlanta), 1893-1894

Looking Glass (Atlanta), 1894-1897

Macon News, 1898

Marietta Advocate, 1861-1863

Marietta Semi-Weekly Advocate, 1861

Miners Recorder and Spy in the West (Auraria), 1834-1837

National Republican (Augusta), 1868

Savannah Daily Times, 1884-1886

Savannah Gazette, 1817

Savannah Morning News, 1879-1883

Savannah Weekly News, 1894-1898

Southern Alliance Farmer (Atlanta), 1889-1892

Southern Confederacy (Atlanta), 1861

Southern Recorder (Milledgeville), 1846-1856

Southern Whig (Athens), 1834-1839

Standard of Union (Milledgeville), 1836-1840

Sunday Gazette (Atlanta), 1878-1880

Sunday Phonograph (Atlanta), 1879-1881

Times (Savannah), 1880-1881

Weekly Augusta Chronicle, 1893-1898

Weekly Chronicle & Constitutionalist (Augusta), 1881-1883

Weekly Chronicle & Sentinel (Augusta), 1843-1851

Weekly Constitution (Atlanta), 1870-1874

Weekly Constitutionalist (Augusta), 1862-1869

Weekly Georgia Constitutionalist and Republic (Augusta), 1852-1855

Weekly Republic (Augusta), 1849-1851

Western Georgian (Rome), 1838