Historic architecture and landscapes

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The Hubert Bond Owens and John Linley collections contain some 1,500 images of representative architectural sites and landscapes in Georgia.

Owens and Linley were professors in the College of Environment and Design at the University of Georgia and were well-known in landscape architecture and architecture circles.

Users may search the collection in a variety of ways:  by owner or architect, by architectural style or by type of building material. The collection also provides links to information from the National Register of Historic Places, the Historic American Buildings Survey, iphone 6 plus remplacement écran the Historic American Landscape Survey and the Historic American Engineering Record.

The database contains detailed descriptions of the structures and landscapes, and users also will be able to put each into its wider context by consulting the essays and other supplemental materials. The hope is that users will gain insight into how Georgia’s environments reflect societal and cultural values in the state.

Abandoned kaolin mine

In many cases, the slides and photographs – taken from the 1940s to the 1980s – document structures or landscapes which have been altered or no longer exist.

“This collection is a valuable tool for researchers, lovers of quality environments and students,” said Pratt Cassity, director of public service and outreach for the UGA College of Environment and Design. “This is a timely way to connect the university with its former educators, especially these two gifted teachers, influential men and great designers.”

Linley terraced garden

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Label from Trademark Registrations, 1894-1899

The DLG provides access to volumes of trademarks, labels, and logos held by the Georgia Archives in their collection, “Trademark Registrations, 1894-1959.”

As described on the project homepage: “These volumes are the recorded copy of official trademarks and union labels of goods sold or distributed in Georgia and represent their registration with the State of Georgia, 1894-1959.”

Each volume contains labels that are taped to the page along with a brief description and date of registration written in pencil.

Label from
Label from Trademark Registrations, 1919-1929

The collection is important as a record of long since passed businesses. It is also a fascinating aggregation of graphic design and advertising copy.

This collection particularly rewards browsing: “Dwarfies” anyone? Mmmmm… (Clicking on the “Dwarfies” image takes you to an opposite page in the volume, scroll right to see the label.)

Label from Trademark Registrations, 1929-1934
Package from Trademark Registrations, 1943-1946