Georgia Historic Newspapers Update Spring 2019

Over the spring, the Digital Library of Georgia has released several new grant-funded newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers website. Included below is a list of the newly available titles.

Georgia HomePLACE-funded newspaper titles:

National Digital Newspaper Program-funded newspaper titles:

Titles digitized in partnership with the Twin Lakes Library System


Georgia Historic Newspapers Update Winter 2019

Over the winter, the Digital Library of Georgia released several new grant-funded newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers website. Included below is a list of the new titles along with titles added from previous newspaper websites.

Titles funded by a National Digital Newspaper Program Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities:

Morning News (Savannah), 1887-1899

Titles funded by Georgia HomePLACE:

Orthodox Democrat (Barnesville), 1889

Barrow Times (Winder), 1919-1921

Weekly Journal (Homer), 1889-1890

Barnesville Weekly Gazette, 1869

Daily Gazette (Barnesville), 1884

Weekly Gazette (Barnesville), 1868

Titles funded by a Digitizing Hidden Collections grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR):

Wolverine Observer (Morris Brown College, Atlanta), 1936-2001

Panther (Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta), 1944-1969

Titles funded by the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation

American Patriot (Savannah), 1812

American Republic (Macon), 1859

American Standard (Albany), 1855

American Union (Griffin), 1851-1860

American Whig (Griffin), 1848

Argus (Savannah), 1828-1829

Backwoodsman and Upson Yeoman (Thomaston), 1834

Bee (Forsyth), 1849

Christian Index (Washington), 1833-1866

Columbian Museum & Savannah Advertiser, 1796-1817

Columbian Museum and Savannah Commercial Advertiser, 1817

Columbian Museum and Savannah Daily Gazette, 1817-1819

Columbus Sentinel and Herald, 1838-1841

Covington Herald, 1835

Cuthbert Reporter, 1856-1860

Daily Citizen (Macon), 1857

Daily Georgia Citizen (Macon), 1859

Daily Sun (Columbus), 1856-1861

Daily Telegraph (Savannah), 1840

Darien Gazette, 1818-1828

Dollar News (Savannah), 1855

Empire State (Griffin), 1856-1859

Enterprise (Thomasville), 1865

Evening Mirror (Savannah), 1851

Federal Republican Advocate, and Commercial Advertiser (Savannah), 1807-1808

Friend and Monitor (Washington), 1815

A Friend of the Family (Savannah), 1849-1851

Georgia & Carolina Gazette (Petersburg), 1805-1806

Georgia Banner (Newnan), 1856

Georgia Christian Repertory (Macon), 1831-1832

Georgia Citizen Advertiser (Macon), 1860

Georgia Citizen (Macon), 1850-1860

Georgia Citizen (Macon), 1859

Georgia Clipper (Warrenton), 1860

Georgia Courier (Lumpkin), 1853

Georgia Gazette (Savannah), 1763-1770

Georgia Gazette (Savannah), 1798-1802

Georgia Jeffersonian (Griffin), 1853-1854

Georgia Journal and Independent Federal Register (Savannah), 1793-1794

Georgia Journal and Messenger (Macon), 1847-1861

Georgia Literary and Temperance Crusader (Atlanta), 1860-1861

Georgia Messenger (Ft. Hawkins), 1823-1847

Georgia Pioneer, and Retrenchment Banner (Cassville),  1840

Georgia Pioneer (Cassville), 1841

Georgia Republican & State Intelligencer (Savannah), 1802-1805

Georgia Republican (Savannah), 1806-1807

Georgia Temperance Crusader (Penfield), 1858-1859

Greensboro Weekly Gazette, 1858

Harris County Enterprise (Hamilton), 1860-1864

The Hickory Nut and Upson Vigil (Thomaston), 1833-1834

Independent Blade (Newnan), 1859-1860

Independent Press (Washington), 1840

Independent South (Griffin), 1858

The McIntosh County herald, and Darien commercial register, 1839-1840

The messenger (Macon), 1823

The missionary (Mt. Zion), 1821-1825

The monitor (Washington), 1802-1815

The Morning Chronicle (Savannah), 1818

Muscogee Democrat, and Mercantile Advertiser (Columbus), 1847-1848

Muscogee Democrat (Columbus), 1849

News & Planters’ Gazette (Washington), 1840-1844

The News (Washington), 1816-1820

The News (Washington), 1833-1840

Organ (Hamilton), 1854-1856

Palladium (Newnan), 1835-1836

Patriot and Commercial Advertiser (Savannah), 1806-1807

Planters’ Weekly (Greensboro), 1860-1861

Public Intelligencer (Savannah), 1807-1809

Republican and Savannah Evening Ledger, 1807-1816

Republican Sentinel (Rome), 1844

Royal Georgia Gazette (Savannah), 1779-1782

Rural Cabinet (Warrenton), 1828-1830

Savannah Courier, 1852

Savannah Daily Georgian, 1857-1858

Savannah Daily Journal and Courier, 1855

Savannah Evening Journal, 1852-1853

Savannah Journal, 1852

Savannah Mercury, 1829

Savannah Museum, 1821-1822

Semi-Weekly True Flag (Rome), 1860

Sentinel (Louisville), 1820

Southern Baptist Messenger (Covington), 1860-1862

Southern Literary Companion (Newnan), 1860-1865

Southern Enterprise (Thomasville), 1860-1861

Southern Enterprise (Thomasville), 1865-1866

Southern Miscellany (Madison), 1842-1846

Southern Patriot (Savannah), 1806

Southern Sentinel (Columbus), 1850-1852

Southerner (Rome), 1850

Standard (Cassville), 1852-1853

Standard of Union and Free Trade Advocate (Sparta), 1834

Star of the South (Elberton), 1860

State Press (Macon), 1859

Telegraph (Darien), 1835

Temperance Banner (Penfield), 1849-1855

Temperance Crusader (Penfield), 1856-1857

Times & Sentinel Tri-Weekly (Columbus), 1855-1858

Times (Savannah), 1823

Tri-Weekly Columbus Times, 1851

Tri-Weekly Times and Sentinel (Columbus), 1853

Upson Pilot (Thomaston), 1858-1862

Washington News and Miscellaneous Advertiser, 1832-1833

Washington News, 1822-1831

Weekly Georgia Citizen (Macon), 1860

Weekly Sun (Columbus), 1859-1863

Weekly Times & Sentinel (Columbus), 1853-1858

Wilkes Republican (Washington), 1857-1858

Wire-grass Reporter (Thomasville), 1857-1858

The DLG has also converted several newspaper archives to the GHN website, including:

Carroll Free Press (Carrollton), 1883-1922

Cassville Standard, 1857-1860

Cedartown Advertiser, 1879-1884

Cedartown Express, 1877-1879

Cedartown Record, 1874-1877

Cedartown Standard, 1900-1922

Cherokee Advance (Canton), 1880-1922

Clayton Tribune, 1899-1924

Cleveland Progress, 1892-1896

Dahlonega Nugget, 1903-1928

Daily Telegraph and Messenger (Macon), 1873

Douglas County Sentinel, 1917-1922

Gainesville News, 1902-1922

Georgia Cracker, 1897-1902

Georgia Telegraph (Macon), 1832-1835

Georgia Telegraph (Macon), 1844-1858

Georgia Weekly Telegraph and Georgia Journal & Messenger, 1869-1880

Georgia Weekly Telegraph, Journal and Messenger, 1880-1882

LaGrange Herald, 1843-1844

LaGrange Reporter, 1857-1914

Macon Daily Telegraph, 1908

Macon Georgia Telegraph, 1836-1844

Macon Telegraph, 1894-1904

Macon Telegraph, 1826-1832

Macon Telegraph and Messenger, 1873-1882

Newnan Herald, 1868-1885

North Georgia Citizen (Dalton), 1868-1921

Rome Tri-Weekly Courier, 1860-1880

Rome Weekly Courier, 1860-1878

Standard (Cassville), 1852-1853

Telegraph and Messenger (Macon), 1871-1873

Twice-a-Week Telegraph (Macon), 1907

Weekly Georgia Telegraph (Macon), 1858-1869

Weekly Telegraph (Macon), 1885-1894

Weekly Telegraph and Messenger (Macon), 1884-1885