South Georgia Newspapers Added to the Georgia Historic Newspapers Website

The Digital Library of Georgia is pleased to announce the addition of the previously digitized South Georgia newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website.

Daily Times Enterprise (Thomasville), March 9, 1916

GHN now provides online access to forty seven South Georgia newspaper titles published in eleven cities (Albany, Americus, Bainbridge, Brunswick, Cairo, Cuthbert, Thomasville, Tifton, Valdosta, Vienna, and Waycross) between 1845 and 1922, including:

Advertiser (Brunswick), 1875

Advertiser and Appeal (Brunswick), 1888

Albany Daily Herald, 1906

Albany News, 1869-1880

Albany Patriot, 1845-1866

Albany Tri-Weekly News, 1867

Albany Weekly Herald, 1892-1901

Americus Daily Recorder, 1884-1890

Americus Recorder Tri-Weekly, 1881-1884

Americus Times-Recorder (daily), 1891-1900

Americus Times-Recorder (weekly), 1891-1902, 1907-1910, 1817-1821

Americus Weekly Recorder, 1883-1891

Americus Weekly Times-Recorder, 1902-1907

Bainbridge Democrat, 1881-1909

Bainbridge Search Light, 1903-1913

Bainbridge Weekly Democrat, 1872-1876

Brunswick Advertiser, 1875-1881

Brunswick Advertiser and Appeal, 1881

Brunswick Weekly Advertiser, 1889

Cuthbert Appeal, 1866-1884

Cuthbert Enterprise and Appeal, 1884-1888

Daily Advertiser-Appeal, 1888-1889

Daily Times-Enterprise (Thomasville), 1890-1922

Grady County Progress (Cairo), 1910-1917

Post-Search Light (Bainbridge), 1916-1922

Search Light (Bainbridge, 1901-1903

Thomasville Times, 1873-1889

Thomasville Times-Enterprise, 1893-1903

Tifton Gazette, 1892-1919

Times-Enterprise Semi-Weekly Edition (Thomasville), 1913-1922

Times-Recorder (Americus, daily), 1891

Times-Recorder (Americus, weekly), 1891

Tri-Weekly Sumter Republican (Americus), 1866-1867

Tri-Weekly Republican (Americus), 1870

Valdosta Times, 1905-1912

Waycross Evening Herald, 1911

Waycross Headlight, 1884-1887

Waycross Herald, 1892-1893

Waycross Journal, 1901-1914

Waycross Weekly Herald, 1893-1902, 1908-1910

Waycross Weekly Journal, 1914

Weekly Advertiser Appeal (Brunswick), 1888

Weekly Edition of the Waycross Evening Herald, 1904-1908

Weekly News and Advertiser (Albany), 1880-1892

Weekly Sumter Republican, 1870-1885

Weekly Times Enterprise and South Georgia Progress, 1905-1908

Weekly Times-Recorder, 1910-1917

The site offers full text searching and multiple browsing options. GHN is compatible with all current browsers, and the newspaper page images can be viewed without the use of plug-ins or additional software downloads.

This summer, the Digital Library of Georgia will be adding several previously digitized newspaper titles, including titles from the Savannah and Athens Historic Newspaper Archives. Upcoming new releases will include dozens of R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation-funded antebellum titles from around the state, the NDNP-funded Savannah Morning News, and several CLIR-funded student newspapers from Atlanta University Center and Spelman and Morehouse Colleges.


Please welcome the Okefenokee Regional Library System as our new project partner!

Letter: Laura S. Walker Collection, 1790-1950. Laura S. Walker Collection, Okefenokee Regional Library.
Letter: Laura S. Walker Collection, 1790-1950. Laura S. Walker Collection, Okefenokee Regional Library.

Please welcome our new project partner, the Okefenokee Regional Library System , and their two new collections, the Okefenokee Postcard Collection (available at and the Laura S. Walker Collection (available at ). These collections were digitized as part of the DPLA’s Public Library Partnerships Project (PLPP), connecting public librarians and public library collections with the DLG and DPLA. We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Okefenokee Regional Library System, and appreciate the chance to make its resources available online.

Kathleen McClure, the Systems Librarian at the Okefenokee Regional Library System explains that the Laura S. Walker Collection and Okefenokee Postcard Collection are both “of high relevance and interest to the area.”  She notes: “Walker was a civic leader and environmental advocate in Waycross in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many of the documents in the Walker Collection are originals–letters, pictures–of historical significance and should be made widely available for scholars and curious minds. The Walker Collection contains documents that exist in no other place and, until now, in no other form. Laura Walker can be considered a founder not only of the environmental movement, but of Waycross, shaping the history of the area in ways that persist to this day. However, there is a sad dearth of information available on the life of this woman. The Walker Collection glimpses into the personal and civic life of Ms. Walker.”

As for the Okefenokee Postcard Collection, McClure says: “The Eames Okefenokee Postcard Collection shows a glimpse into the past of Waycross, tourism to the Okefenokee Swamp and area industries. The Eames Okefenokee Postcard Collection is unique in its completeness. It is the single largest collection of vintage postcards for Waycross and the Okefenokee area on record. This collection is not only visually and artistically interesting; it catalogs the history and development of the area.”

Plant Avenue, Waycross, Ga.: 1907, 1989. Okefenokee Postcard Collection, Okefenokee Regional Library.
Plant Avenue, Waycross, Ga.: 1907, 1989. Okefenokee Postcard Collection, Okefenokee Regional Library.

McClure recommends looking at a postcard from the Okefenokee Postcard Collection labeled “Plant Avenue, Waycross, Ga.” that “really highlights the changes that have taken place over time.” She adds “The Okefenokee Postcard Collection has given me the idea to make the collection interactive with a photo scavenger hunt, where patrons find the vantages seen in the postcards as they exist today and take a photo of themselves in each location. This would promote not only our collection, but also the Waycross area in a fun way.”

We hope you enjoy these two new collections from the Okefenokee Regional Library System!