Forthcoming Newspapers – Spring 2024

This year, the Digital Library of Georgia will be adding a variety of new newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website (  Below is the list of titles currently slated to be added to GHN in the Spring and Summer of 2024.

Titles funded by the Chattooga County Historical Society

Summerville News, 1980-2000

Titles funded by the Georgia Public Library Service

Alamo News, 1912

Baker County News (Newton), 1939-1947

Bryan County Enterprise (Pembroke), 1924-1927

Bulletin (Irwinton), 1912-1954

Clayton County News and Farmer (Jonesboro), 1936-1955

Enterprise (Pembroke), 1913-1923

Forest Park Free Press and Clayton County News and Farmer, 1955-1967

Forest Park Free Press and Clayton County News and Farmer and Forest Park News, 1968-1969

Forest Park News, 1956-1967

Irwinton Bulletin, 1907-1911

Pembroke Journal, 1927-1970

Wheeler County Eagle (Alamo), 1913-1972

Wheeler Herald (Alamo), 1913

Titles funded by the Lucy Hilton Maddox Memorial Library Trust

Early County News, 1967-1983

Titles funded by the Monroe County Historical Society 

Monroe Advertiser, 1910-1930

Titles funded by the Newton County Library System

Covington News, 1942-1969

Titles funded by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Georgia Bulletin, 1981-1990

Titles funded by the University of Georgia Libraries

Athens Banner-Herald, 1929-1965