Let’s Celebrate Georgia Libraries for National Library Week 2024!

[Image credit: Title: Picture of Carnegie Library in Dublin, GA. Description: Picture of Carnegie Library in Dublin, GA. Note on the side: Opened Nov. 1904 Cost $10,000. Back: Addressed to Public Library, Columbus, GA. Courtesy of Chattahoochee Valley Libraries URL: https://dlg.usg.edu/record/chat_scp_cvl014]

This week is National Library Week 2024 (April 7-13), and we are ready to celebrate with our library colleagues, patrons, partners, and friends! 

Libraries are important institutions that preserve literature and information and make many other essential resources accessible to the public. 

We provide multimedia content, educational resources, and technological solutions in addition to traditional books, paper records, and newspapers. 

In Georgia, we also digitize essential primary source collections, curate exhibitions, and develop educator resources in collaboration with Georgia’s libraries, archives, museums, and other institutions of education and culture to provide access to significant information resources on Georgia history, culture, and life.

Here are some ways to celebrate National Library Week  in Georgia this year:

  • Visit a library in person or online: 


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