Welcome to the DLG B

a balloon ascension
A balloon ascension: from the Vanishing Georgia Collection, courtesy of the Georgia Archives

The Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) is excited to unveil its own blog. With over two hundred collections from sixty institutions, an ever increasing archive of historic Georgia newspapers, a public domain repository of government publications, and the ground breaking Civil Rights Digital Library, the DLG is large, diverse and truthfully a bit difficult to “grasp.”

The DLG B attempts to increase the visibility of these valuable materials from Georgia’s past, while also calling deserved attention to the institutions responsible for preserving  them. A resource of this scope could not exist without the long term collaboration of state government, universities, archives, museums and public libraries (and the people powering them, of course).

We hope to introduce the student, the scholar, and the simply curious to the profound and the familiar-but-perhaps-forgotten. We also plan to keep you updated on new projects at the DLG, and to let you know when new resources are available.

So – if you’d please – add us to your rss feed; share our posts when you’re inclined (yup, just click the “share” button right down there); visit us at our Facebook page; keep one eye out for us on twitter;  and we promise to bring you the DLG that you have rarely seen.

The DLG is an initiative of GALILEO.


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  1. The DLG blog is an excellent idea — thanks! Fun to see the chicken grill at the Georgia State Fair….

  2. Glad to see DLG B! I’m looking forward to seeing all the Georgia treasures you will share.

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