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Label from Trademark Registrations, 1894-1899

The DLG provides access to volumes of trademarks, labels, and logos held by the Georgia Archives in their collection, “Trademark Registrations, 1894-1959.”

As described on the project homepage: “These volumes are the recorded copy of official trademarks and union labels of goods sold or distributed in Georgia and represent their registration with the State of Georgia, 1894-1959.”

Each volume contains labels that are taped to the page along with a brief description and date of registration written in pencil.

Label from
Label from Trademark Registrations, 1919-1929

The collection is important as a record of long since passed businesses. It is also a fascinating aggregation of graphic design and advertising copy.

This collection particularly rewards browsing: “Dwarfies” anyone? Mmmmm… (Clicking on the “Dwarfies” image takes you to an opposite page in the volume, scroll right to see the label.)

Label from Trademark Registrations, 1929-1934
Package from Trademark Registrations, 1943-1946

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