Another Round of Georgia Trivia

Sheet music for a piece called "Sewing Song." Do you know who its composer is?

Put on your thinking caps, because it’s time for another game of DLG trivia! How many of these Georgia-related trivia questions can you get right without clicking onto the answers?


Born into slavery, this Georgian’s musical talent was so great that his owner would eventually send him on a nationwide concert tour. Even more remarkable, this piano prodigy was blind! Who was he? Answer


This Polish count was so inspired by the Revolutionary War that he joined the American fight for independence in 1777. In 1779, he was promoted to brigadier general and led French and American troops in the Siege of Savannah, where he was fatally wounded. He later became one of only seven honorary citizens of the United States. Who was this man? Answer


This theater was the epicenter of African American entertainment in Macon.

This historic Macon theater was known for providing quality entertainment to African American audiences, including the vaudeville act Butterbeans and Susie, blues singer Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, and motion pictures produced exclusively for African American audiences. The theater was owned and operated by Charles Henry Douglass, who also managed a hotel. What was the name of this historic theater? Answer


When the United States Capitol building needed a face-lift prior to the 1961 inauguration of President John F. Kennedy, this Georgia natural resource was used to replace some of the original, pitted limestone facade. Mined in Pickens County, what valuable resource was used for this project? Answer

This Atlanta minor league baseball team, active from 1901 to 1965, played their home games at Spiller Field, which would later become known as Ponce de Leon Park. What was the name of this team? Answer


This cartoonist editorialized his own retirement.

This editorial cartoonist produced drawings for the Augusta Chronicle, the Miami Herald, and Atlanta Constitution. The Augusta native was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for a cartoon regarding Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign. Who is this artist? Answer


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  1. Well you embarrassed me Katie – here I am supposed to know all things Georgia – and I didn’t know about the Macon theater. Did know the other five at least.

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