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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released their Oscar nominations this week. In celebration of the upcoming awards ceremony, we highlight movie ads found in the Digital Library of Georgia’s newspaper archives:

D. W. Griffith’s controversial film The Birth of a Nation was the longest feature film in history at the time of its release. The ad can be found in the December 28, 1917 issue of the Milledgeville News in the Milledgeville Historic Newspapers Archive.

The Kid was Charlie Chaplin’s feature length directorial debut. The ad is from the March 24, 1921 issue of the Athens Banner in the Athens Historic Newspapers Archive.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs won an honorary Academy Award for its significant achievement in film in 1938. This ad is from the March 11th, 1938 issue of the Southern Israelite in the Southern Israelite Archive.

The Exorcist was nominated for ten Academy Awards following its 1973 release and is considered by many to be the scariest movie of all time. This Exorcist movie ad is from the May 10, 1974 issue of the Red and Black from the Red and Black Archive. The issue also contains movie ads for Blazing Saddles and Gator Bait.

At the time of it’s release in 1975, Jaws was the highest grossing film of all time. The ad can be found in the July 31, 1975 issue of the Red and Black in the Red and Black Archive.


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