Welcome the Elbert County Library as a new project partner

Photograph of the William Allen House, Beverly Plantation, Elbert County, Georgia. Elbert County Library Collection, Elbert County Library.
Photograph of the William Allen House, Beverly Plantation, Elbert County, Georgia. Elbert County Library Collection, Elbert County Library.

The DLG is excited to welcome the Elbert County Library as a new project partner, with the Elbert County Library Collection. The Elbert County Library Collection features a collection of photographs of the Beverly Plantation and William Allen House in Elbert County, Georgia.

The William Allen House was a two-story frame house built in the Classic Revival style. William Allen, a captain in the Elbert County militia, began living in this home around 1790. The house was part of Beverly Plantation, which dates back to the earliest days of Elbert County’s settlement.

Janet Burroughs, the interim director of the Elbert County Library, notes: “The photos are unpublished, original source documentation of a historic home in Elbert County that is no longer in existence. This information is valuable to the many historic and genealogical researchers that trace their families back to Elbert County.”

Digitized as part of the DPLA’s Public Library Partnerships Project (PLPP), the Elbert County Library Collection is one of our newest collections featuring resources from public library collections. We would like to thank the Elbert County Library for collaborating with the Digital Library of Georgia to make its collection available for digitization, and hope that you enjoy learning more about the history of Elbert County.


5 Replies to “Welcome the Elbert County Library as a new project partner”

  1. Hello my cousin is William Allen who used to live in this house.
    Could I come take a tour of his old house there?

  2. Alisha, my grandparents (Edgar Chandler Brown, Sr and Louise Wray Brown) bought the William Allen House, Beverly Plantation, in the 1940s. The house remained in our family for a couple of years after my Grandmother passed away in 1993. Unfortunately, the house burned to the ground in 1999. Cause, unknown.

    My grandparents got the William Allen House, in 1975, placed on the National Register of Historical Places; as well as the house/property across the road (Pearl Mill Rd), because William Allen and his “consort,” (wife) are buried in a family graveyard behind the house. That property remained in the Brown family (with me) until I sold it in 2016. Unfortunately, the new owners subsequently torn down that house. The family graveyard should still remain. Would be glad to tell you about it. It was my second home while growing up!

  3. My Great Grandfather, Clayland Massey, was the head groundskeeper for the Beverly Plantation from the early 1920’s to early 1940’s and him, his wife and son (Howard Massey, my grandfather) all lived at the Beverly Plantation. Pretty cool to see this picture. If you need any information from me I have some stories, old pictures of the grounds from the 50’s (including original slave quarters, etc.)

  4. Hi, Richard: your grandfather’s records sound rich and informative. The DLG doesn’t collect materials from individuals directly, we partner with local libraries, historical associations, and other cultural heritage institutions and work with collections that they have already established. I would recommend reaching out to the Elbert County Public Library or the Northeast Georgia History Center to see if they are able to work with you and your materials. Contact information is below:

    Elbert County Public Library
    345 Heard Street
    Elberton, GA 30635

    Northeast Georgia History Center

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