Forthcoming Historic Newspapers – Spring 2019

This year, the Digital Library of Georgia will be adding a variety of new newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website. Below is a list of newspapers titles slated to be added to GHN in the Spring of 2019.

Georgia HomePLACE-funded newspaper titles:

  • Banks County Gazette (Homer), 1890-1897
  • Banks County Journal (Homer), 1897-1902
  • Banks County Observer (Homer), 1888-1889
  • Barnesville Gazette, 1884-1885
  • Barnesville News-Gazette, 1868-1925
  • Barrow Times (Winder), 1919-1921
  • Butts County Progress, 1907-1915
  • Commerce News, 1908
  • Daily Gazette (Barnesville), 1884
  • Danielsville Monitor, 1894-1926
  • Farmer’s Journal (Homer), 1889
  • Forest News (Jefferson), 1875-1881
  • Forsyth County News (Cumming), 1917-1953
  • Harmony Grove Echo, 1894-1897
  • Jackson Argus, 1895-1902
  • Jackson Economist (Winder), 1896-1900
  • Jackson Herald (Jefferson), 1881-1926
  • Jackson News, 1882
  • Jackson Progress-Argus, 1902-1924
  • Middle Georgia Argus, 1881-1891
  • North Georgian (Cumming), 1906-1923
  • Northeastern Progress (Harmony Grove), 1878
  • Orthodox Democrat (Barnesville), 1889
  • Reform World (Winder), 1896
  • Weekly Journal (Homer), 1889-1890
  • Winder News, 1913-1923

National Digital Newspaper Program-funded newspaper titles:

  • Brunswick Daily News, 1903-1906
  • Brunswick News, 1900-1902
  • Brunswick News, 1906-1922
  • Brunswick Times, 1889-1900
  • Brunswick Times-Call, 1900-1902

CLIR-funded newspaper titles:

  • Athenaeum (Morehouse College)
  • Maroon Tiger (Morehouse College)

Titles to be added in partnership with Ingram Library, University of West Georgia:

  • West Georgian (Carrollton), 1933-2007

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  1. Hi, William:

    We don’t have access to this resource. It doesn’t appear to be a published item, and it doesn’t appear to be an item held by our Special Collections. You might need to contact the author Brenda King McNair directly. We don’t have any email listed for her; you may try your genealogy message boards for the information. Sorry we can’t help you out!

  2. Last year I got a copy of the Earnest family history by Brenda King McNair. Page 7 Was missing could you make a copy of Page 7 and email it to me. My email is: thanks. Wiliam Jerome McNeese aka Willie Clayton Earnest

  3. Thank You Thank You!! This is Wonderful News, But would like to see more from the Jackson Hearld…Or perhaps The Oconee Enterprise or The Walton News.

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