Georgia Historic Newspapers Update Fall 2020

This past spring and summer, the Digital Library of Georgia released several new grant-funded newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers website. Included below is a list of the newly available titles.

Titles funded by the Burke County Genealogical and Historical Society

True Citizen (Waynesboro), 1902-1926

Titles funded by the Forsyth County Government

Forsyth County News (Cumming), 1959-1995

Titles funded by the Georgia Public Library Service

Adairsville Banner, 1898

Adairsville Ledger, 1890

Bartow Tribune (Cartersville), 1911-1917

Bartow tribune. The Cartersville news, 1917-1923

Cartersville American, 1882-1886

Cartersville Courant, 1885-1886

Cartersville Courant-American, 1888-1889

Cartersville Express, 1880-1889

Cartersville News, 1904-1917

Cartersville Sentinel, 1874

Coffee County Gazette (Pearson), 1880-1881

Coffee County Progress (Douglas), 1913-1925

Courant-American (Cartersville), 1887-1888

Courant-American (Cartersville), 1889-1901

Dade County Gazette (Rising Fawn), 1879-1882

Dade County News (Trenton), 1888-1889

Dade County Sentinel (Trenton), 1901-1908

Dade County Times (Trenton), 1908

Dade County Weekly Times (Rising Fawn), 1884-1888

Dade County Weekly Times (Trenton), 1889

Douglas Breeze, 1895-1902

Douglas Enterprise, 1905-1926

Douglas Weekly Breeze, 1903-1905

Emerson News, 1897

Free Press (Cartersville), 1878-1883

Henry County Weekly (Hampton), 1879-1891

Henry County Weekly (McDonough), 1892-1923

Henry County Weekly and Henry County Times (McDonough), 1891

Kingston Times, 1910

Moultrie Observer, 1899

News (Cartersville), 1901

News and Courant (Cartersville), 1901-1904

Pearson Tribune, 1917-1922

State of Dade News (Trenton), 1891-1901

Voice of the People (Cartersville), 1892

Weekly Cartersville Express, 1866

Willacoochee Record, 1912

Willacoochee Sun, 1907-1908

Willacoochee Times, 1921, 1930

Titles funded by the Houston County Public Library System

Houston Daily Journal (Perry), 2006-2007

Houston Home Journal (Perry), 1993-1994

Houston Home Journal (Perry), 1999-2005

Houston Home Journal (Perry), 2007-2008

Houston Times-Journal (Perry), 1994-1999

Titles funded by the Knox Foundation with support from the Friends of the Augusta Library

Augusta Daily Herald, 1908-1914

Augusta Herald, 1890-1908

Augusta Herald, 1914-1924

Titles funded by the Middle Georgia State University Library through a grant from the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council (GHRAC)

Cochran Journal, 1910-1913

Titles funded by the National Digital Newspaper Program

Americus Times Recorder, 1901-1919

Titles funded by the R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation and the Gwinnett Historical Society

Gwinnett Herald (Lawrenceville), 1885-1897

Lawrenceville News, 1894, 1897

News-Herald (Lawrenceville), 1899-1924

Weekly Gwinnett Atlas (Lawrenceville), 1917

Weekly Gwinnett Herald (Lawrenceville), 1871-1885

Titles Funded by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah

Bulletin (Monroe), 1961-1962

Southern Cross (Savannah), 1963-2000


7 Replies to “Georgia Historic Newspapers Update Fall 2020”

  1. Vera,
    Thanks for your interest in the Georgia Historic Newspapers website. We will be releasing the Columbus Daily Times from 1878-1885 this winter. You can find a full list of titles we are planning to release in the coming months here:
    Thanks again!

  2. I am not familiar with the counties in Georgia. What paper would I look at for information from Chattooga County in the 1800’s

  3. Hey Sonya,
    Thanks for your interest in our Georgia Historic Newspapers website. You might search through our collection of newspapers from Summerville, which is the seat of Chattooga County. You could also look through our newspapers from LaFayette, Calhoun, and Rome. They are all located nearby and might have covered news from Chattooga County. Hope this helps!

  4. Any additional Carroll County GA newspapers upcoming or additional dates to current newspapers?

  5. Hey Scott,
    We will be adding the Carroll County Times from 1880-1885 to the GHN website this winter. Thanks for your interest!

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