Using Digital Public Library of America for Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning – Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The American Association of School Librarians is hosting a complimentary live webinar on Wednesday, October 21, 7:00 PM EST. The webinar, Using Digital Public Library of American for Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning, will be targeted to school library professionals, and those interested in the topic.

Registration information for the workshop is available at .

In this session, presenters Franky Abbott and Trish Vlastnik will introduce participants to the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). The presentation will include an overview of the site’s useful features for teachers and students doing research, such as maps, timeline, and online exhibitions. Presenters will also demonstrate sample keyword searches to illustrate how participants can find materials on the site most quickly and easily and incorporate them into lesson plans in ways that support inquiry. Finally, the presenters will share specific education initiatives, such as primary source sets for students, currently in development at DPLA.

Program Learning Objective 1:
Participants will understand the history, mission and goals of the Digital Public Library of America and explore the Digital Public of America website through a guided tour illustrating the wealth and breadth of digital resources present in DPLA repositories.

Program Learning Objective 2:
Participants will learn how to use critical, modern digital library technologies, including basic search techniques, faceted browsing (scanning digital collections by elements such as item type and year of creation), map-based exploration, and the use of digital timelines to discover and assess primary sources in the specific context of DPLA.

Program Learning Objective 3:
Participants will understand how to incorporate DPLA resources into lesson plans and to utilize these digital assets in a manner that supports inquiry-based teaching and learning and develops higher order thinking skills by asking students to analyze an image, text, or other item related to a particular subject.

Trish Vlastnik has served students and teachers in both private and public school libraries over the past sixteen years; first as media secretary, then as media specialist.  She has spent the past ten years in Jonesboro, Georgia working as a media specialist in the Clayton County Public School District at the elementary and secondary levels. In 2014, she assumed her current position as the Media Specialist at the new Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts. Ms. Vlastnik has spoken extensively on the subject of incorporating digital resources in instruction as a means to support inquiry-based teaching and learning.

Franky Abbott manages education initiatives at the Digital Public Library of America. She has broad experience working on a variety of digital projects for public engagement and higher education, standards and assessment development for K-12 education, and as an English teacher in grades 10-12.


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