Georgia Historic Newspapers Update Summer 2021

This past spring and summer, the Digital Library of Georgia released several new grant-funded newspaper titles to the Georgia Historic Newspapers website. Included below is a list of the newly available titles.

Titles digitized in partnership with the Atlanta History Center

Atlanta Barb, 1974

Barb (Atlanta), 1974-1977

Titles funded by the Chattooga County Historical Society

Summerville News, 1930-1949

Titles funded by the De Soto Trail Regional Library System

Early County News, 1924-1932

Titles funded by Farris Cadle

Penny Local (Savannah), 1884

Savannah Abend Zeitung, 1872

Savannah Daily Times, 1936

Savannah Press, 1899

Searchlight (Savannah), 1906-1907

Truth (Savannah), 1892

Titles funded by the Forsyth County Government

Forsyth County News (Cumming), 1995-2004

Titles funded by the Georgia Public Library Service, a unit of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, using federal Library Services and Technology Act funds administered through the Institute for Museum and Library Services

Augusta News-Review, 1972-1985

Chattooga News (Summerville), 1888-1896

Dade County Times (Trenton), 1925-1959

Donalsonville News, 1940-1964

Hartwell Sun, 1882-1925

Miller County Liberal (Colquitt), 1907-1926

News-Review (Augusta), 1971-1972

Summerville Gazette, 1884-1885

Summerville News, 1896-1930

Titles funded by the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council and the Live Oak Public Libraries

Savannah Tribune, 1943-1960

Titles funded by the National Digital Newspaper Program with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Athens Republique, 1921-1926

Atlanta Constitution, 1887-1903

Atlanta Georgian, 1912-1914

Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal, 1919-1920

Atlanta Tri-Weekly Journal, 1920-1925

Jeffersonian (Atlanta), 1907-1917

Savannah Tribune, 1886-1888

Watson’s Weekly Jeffersonian (Atlanta), 1907

Weekly Jeffersonian (Atlanta), 1906-1907

Titles funded by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Georgia Bulletin (Atlanta), 1963-1980

Titles funded by the R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation in partnership with the Atlanta History Center

Alpharetta Free Press, 1893

Athens Chronicle, 1885-1888

Athens Clipper, 1901-1904

Athens Evening Chronicle, 1889

Athens Evening News, 1895

Athens Weekly Chronicle, 1889

Atlanta Advance, 1891

Atlanta Commercial, 1895-1896

Atlanta Evening Herald, 1893

Atlanta Universalist, 1881-1882

Atlanta Whig, 1872

Baptist Banner (Atlanta), 1862-1864

Baptist Banner (Cumming), 1880

Baptist Sun (Gainesville), 1889

Banner and Baptist (Atlanta), 1862

Brunswick Advocate, 1861

Brunswick Appeal, 1879

Carroll County Times (Carrollton), 1880-1885, 1895

Cassville Gazette, 1835

Cherokee Advance (Canton), 1880, 1898

Cherokee Advocate (Marietta), 1848

Cherokee Agriculturist and Patron of Husbandry (Dalton), 1875

Columbia Advertiser (Harlem), 1881-1882

Columbia Sentinel (Harlem), 1886-1887

Columbus Daily Times, 1878-1885

Dahlonega Watchman, 1846

Daily Argus (Dalton), 1910-1911

Daily Chronicle & Sentinel (Augusta), 1850

Daily Evening News (Macon), 1865

Daily Journal and Messenger (Macon), 1865

Daily New Era (Atlanta), 1865-1868

Daily Tribune (Rome), 1880

Dalton Argus, 1882-1911

Dalton Enterprise, 1875

Evening Call (Griffin), 1899

Evening Herald (Atlanta), 1882

Evening Post (Brunswick), 1890

Daily New Era (Atlanta), 1865-1868

Gainesville Eagle, 1879-1914

Georgia Banner & Sentinel (Newnan), 1861

Georgia Grange (Atlanta), 1873-1877

Georgia Literary and Temperance Crusader (Atlanta), 1861

Georgia Major (Atlanta), 1883

Georgia Pioneer, and Retrenchment Banner (Cassville), 1835-1839

Georgia Record (Atlanta), 1899-1900

Georgia Statesman (Milledgeville), 1825-1827

Graphic (LaGrange), 1889-1900

Hustler of Rome (Rome), 1894-1898

Ice Berg (Winterville), 1897

Independent Blade (Newnan), 1861

Jewish Tribune (Atlanta), 1896

Kind Words for the Sunday School Children (Macon), 1877

Kaleidoscope (Atlanta), 1885

Kennesaw Route Gazette (Atlanta), 1875

Landmark Banner & Cherokee Baptist (Atlanta), 1859-1861

Lawrenceville News, 1861

Lumpkin Palladium, 1860

Macon Daily Telegraph, 1860

Macon News, 1898

Marietta Helicon, 1847

Marietta Semi-Weekly Advocate, 1861

Miners Recorder and Spy in the West (Auraria), 1834-1837

Monochord (Macon), 1886

Motive (Atlanta), 1896

Morning Call (Griffin), 1899

Mountain Signal (Dahlonega), 1877-1883

Mystic Owls (Atlanta), 1880

New South (Douglasville), 1891-1906

New Western Railway Guide (Atlanta), 1887

New Working World (Atlanta), 1886

Norcross Advance, 1873-1874

North Georgia Times (Dalton), 1860-1863

North Georgian (Gainesville), 1878-1883

People’s Friend (Rome), 1873

Pilgrim’s Banner (Valdosta), 1895-1897

Progressive Era (Athens), 1899

Republican Herald (Columbus), 1836

Rome Courier and Southern Statesman, 1859

Rome Hustler-Commercial, 1898-1899

Rome Tribune, 1893-1897

Rome Tribune, 1900

Rural Southerner & Plantation (Atlanta), 1875

Savannah Gazette, 1817

Semi-Weekly True Flag (Rome), 1861

Soldier’s Friend (Atlanta), 1863

Southern Farm (Atlanta), 1893

Southern Recorder (Milledgeville), 1846-1855

Southern Statesman (Calhoun), 1855

Southern Whig (Athens), 1834-1839

Southerner and Commercial Advertiser (Rome), 1861

Standard of Union (Milledgeville), 1834-1840

State Press (Macon), 1857-1859

Sun and Columbus Weekly Enquirer, 1874

Tribune-of-Rome, 1890-1891

Weekly Atlanta Intelligencer, 1867-1870

Weekly Augusta Chronicle, 1893-1898

Weekly Banner (Athens), 1895

Weekly Constitutionalist (Augusta), 1862-1869

Weekly Republic (Augusta), 1849-1851

Weekly Southerner (Rome), 1861

Weekly Star (Douglasville), 1885-1887

Weekly Tribune (Rome), 1893-1895

Western Herald (Auraria), 1834

Wire-grass Reporter (Thomasville), 1861

Woman’s Work (Athens), 1888-1910


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